Sunday, June 12, 2011

Maine Seasons Events featured on Something Blue Blog

(Photo Brea McDonald) When you look close, and you connect with others, there is kindness and goodness around you. I am fortunate. I have kind and dear colleagues, and there is a nature of helping one another and of support for one another and our individual and shared endeavors.
(Photos Brea McDonald)
Maine Seasons Events was featured today on Something Blue Blog, and I am moved by how thoughtful and involved the feature is. As a blogger myself, I know how time consuming and laborious a blog can be at times and when I read a thoughtful post, one that the author has put some of themselves into, I understand the work and soul it took to make that post come alive.
It is an honor to be among the many great artists in this state and I am grateful to be considered in this group, by my peers.
There are a few other special talents and professionals who contributed to the images you will see in the Something Blue post and I want to give them another little thanks too: Judy of Flora Fauna, Dawn of Soiree Floral, One Stop Party Shop, Rentals Unlimited, Emily of Emily Carter Floral Design, Sharyn Peavey Photography, Swan's Way Catering, 111 Maine Catering, and Let Them Eat Cake.
Thank you Something Blue for the thoughtful and fun feature!