Saturday, March 28, 2009

Impending Nephew Hat

Yes, I am going to be an auntie-in August. My step sister is expecting-the first boy in our family.
I whipped up this little hat for little Aiden-it is so tiny and cute. It does stretch out and become rounded once on a human head. Ava wanted one of the cats to wear it, but I assured her that he already has a warm fur hat to wear.
A little bean hat for the newest bean in the family!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Woodland Pillows for Ava

I found this Kokka fabric online, and instantly knew that it must be mine.
I coupled it with some scraps from a fabric trove at a local salvage warehouse (Marden's in Lewiston) for the back panels-and Voila! I had two new pillow covers for Ava's rocking chair.
I am simply in love with this fabric-it reminds me of spring, and eating strawberries and what childhood should be-sweet. I mean, just look at these little cutesies!
When will my obsession with deer, mushrooms and woodland scenes pass?!?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ava's First Garden

Well, if spring refuses to arrive willingly, then I will just have to force it. Again, 19 degrees here last night, I mean REALLY. I can't take it anymore. I decided that today would be the day Ava and I bought some seeds and started our first little garden together. It will just have to be indoors for now. I didn't even pay attention to the instructions to "sow seeds 8 weeks before the last threat of frost", I just planted them and we will water them every day with Ava's little elephant watering can and see what we can grow. I mean are we ever really out of the threat of frost here?!? The growing season is so short here in Maine, these little plants will need a head start if they are going to make it from seed.
Watermelon and pumpkin- both "Hercules" and mini pumpkins were on our planting list, along with some flowers I have been wanting to add to my assortment outside. I hope it works, I am looking forward to spending the summer with Ava, caring for and checking in on her watermelons and pumpkins.
So for about $12, we had a fun morning, planting, learning about taking care of things, nurturing, feeding, watering and oh yeah-patience. We will see how far little Ava can make it-the first seedlings should appear in 7-10 days. Eternity to a 16 month old!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sweater # 3 for 2009

"Naturally Nice" it is might not naturally fit it's intended wearer, but I think I can at least give the sweater with a note that it can be exchanged for a sweater that will fit. This baby is not a tiny baby-and the sweater?
Well it came out a bit tiny. I followed all of the directions-maybe it just looks tiny, next to my not-so-tiny toddler. Was my daughter ever this small?!?
I whipped up a little hat to go with the sweater too. This was a late night addition-please excuse the poor photo!

The heathered pinkish lavender reminds me of Easter-I used Lion Brand Wool -Ease yarn-a machine washable mix of wool and acrylic. I don't usually enjoy acrylic, but for a baby, I have found 100% wool to be a bit scratchy and sometimes their sensitive skin can have a reaction to all wool. And in reality, hand washing only? Not realistic for a mama with 2 kids, a dog, a full time job, a husband, and house to care for. So this little set will be delivered for Easter for a friend's babe-I hope it fits!

Sweater #2 for 2009

If I think about the fact that I made a goal to complete only one knit sweater in 2009, then I feel a little better about the fact that each of the 2 I have made so far (yes, 2!) are just a bit...not quite right.
Here is number 2-Babette in cotton chocolate brown and strawberry pink yarn. I omitted the hood, but made a little collar, added a second color and stripes and learned that I don't enjoy knitting in the round-yeah, not so much. But it fits, well enough. Actually it is good that it is a bit big, as it fits over Ava's clothes so she has been wearing it as a little spring coat on the days that it gets over 4o degrees.
Ava never stops moving until her eyes close for sleep, so getting a good picture of her in this little baby was difficult. The result? I only got a back view...ahhh life with a toddler!
I am off to make a few little hats, I have taken to knitting in the camper at night, in between cutting, electrical and paneling jobs so I can squeeze it all in!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Let me Check...Yep, still Winter

Hello, Mother Nature? It can be spring now. Really, any day now. March in the Northeast can be the hardest month of winter I think. You are really still in winter as evidenced by these recent pictures, but you are so close to April, that you can almost feel it. Well, maybe if you stand close to the wood stove and close your eyes tight, and imagine... Since these pictures were taken, we have had more snow. Last night's snow fall of almost 12 more is going to take a while for all of this to melt...
In the past year, Maine has received 61.24 inches of precipitation. Snowfall? 91.4 inches. That is 7.62 feet people! and considering we had 152 days of below 32 degree weather-I can say that I am so over it. Spring? Come on in. I am ready for the start of the thaw, those precious first days when the mid day sun warms up enough for things to start dripping and melting. Those first days when, by afternoon, the snowbanks have receded a bit, shrunken down, just enough to notice. If you look closely
And I'll be looking!