Friday, January 22, 2016

It's Been A While....

Happy 2016!  I unintentionally took a little break from blogging...okay a big break.  Life gets so full and time runs out and well-something has to give.  As a business owner, in a creative and client service oriented field, with a very concentrated busy season, it is a challenge to juggle all of the planning and actually doing with the everything else-blogging, writing, social media...

We have had a wonderful, exciting year, for which I am very grateful, we enjoyed our health, our time and enjoyed camping, designing, planning and executing wonderful celebrations for our dear clients.  We kept busy with driving all over the state delivering and picking up our custom event rentals, cutting 20 inches off of my hair, logging lots of water miles in the canoe and spending time with our growing family of nieces.  We did some roofing, some work on the house, the yard, the camper, our rental inventory, and filled our cups with raising and educating our daughter...

We have many beautiful weddings to share, a birthday party, some new projects and offerings and I will be getting to all that in the coming weeks and months on the blog.

Scroll down for a sneak peek of some of what we have been up to and of a few of the stories yet to come!
So much important time with this amazing girl. Photo by Brea McDonald
Photo by Brea McDonald
Ava's 8th birthday cake Photo by Brea McDonald

Our 3rd annual Family Scooter Rally, art by my darling husband, Chris

Baby no more

Snuggling some lady chickens


Gingerbread house making

Real Maine Weddings Magazine photo shoot featuring our table and backdrop design, photos by Brea McDonald

One of our weddings featured in Maine Magazine, photos by Brea McDonald

Some fun lighting details

Our lighting installation at a barn wedding, photo by Emily Delamater

One of our fave fall weddings, designed almost 2 years in advance, photo by Emily Delamater

Some of our colorful wedding designs, photo by  Emily Delamater

Spent many a night in our cozy old camper

A miles long Lion's Mane jellyfish bloom was explored along the coast of Mt. Desert Island, our first salt water voyage in the canoe

Discovering a cove full of starfish on an ocean canoe trip (released and unharmed of course!)

Lots of open water time

More canoe miles, some with one of our nieces

Installing our lighting designs

Catching some lunkers (no one was harmed or kept captive!)

Seeing where the path takes us
Finding some new lakes in NH

Examining post rain baskers
Mt. Kineo walk and exploration
Time with kids in a canoe

Moosehead Lake with family

Collecting some island treasures

Arranging a few flowers for a seaside wedding

Exploring new salt water canoe routes

Exploring ocean cave tide pools with headlamps

Cocktail tents...

Learning to build a fire

Netting Saw Whet owls for scientific research (no one was harmed or kept captive, we were accompanying wildlife biologists!)

Green goblets at one of our summer weddings

STAY TUNED, there is more to come!!