Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Photo Shoot film by McCormick Media

I am so excited to announce the debut of Sara McCormick's film about my last wedding photo shoot at Clark's Cove Farm!

Maine Wedding Vendors: Road Trip to Creativity from Sara McCormick on Vimeo.

Sara M. worked for 8+ hours, filming Brea, Sara and I set up and shoot the autumn design from our four seasons wedding series. Sara M. did a beautiful job capturing the essence of the design, the process, the place and the relationship between us girls. I seriously cried when I watched this. (All photos this post by Brea McDonald)
Maybe it is the emotion of seeing yourself doing what you love to do, after a lifetime of not really listening to your inner voice, telling you to follow your destiny...maybe it is the weight and power of seeing yourself surrounded by other, women like you, who support you and cheer you on, and share themselves with you, professionally, emotionally and creatively. For many reasons, this film creates emotion for me.
And here are some favorite photographs from the shoot taken by Brea. Get a close view of Sara's stationery, she hand illustrates the concept illustration, she did an excellent job translating my Autumn concept into stationery that is so sweet-can you see the little apple seeds in between the wording on the menu? Details, my absolute favorite!
You can even get a peek at those napkin sweaters I mentioned in the past..they really worked!
And maybe the sweetest picture of the day...but of course I would think that!
What do you think of the film?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Clark's Cove Farm-Next Maine Wedding Shoot Location

In preparation for the next of a series of wedding design photo shoots I am working on, I recently visited Clark's Cove Farm, in Walpole, Maine to scout out the property for a possible shoot venue. When I arrived, I was treated to such delightful views of a lovingly cared for property and an even more delightful owner, Tim. Some other delights who are involved with this photo shoot are Brea & Sara, Amy Maloney, (whose web site is being hand crafted as I write) whose floral designs completely fulfill her business name, Pretty Flowers (207.798.5687), One Stop Party Shoppe Rentals , Barn Door Cafe & Bakery, and Placesetters, Inc. Tim kindly squeezed a few minutes out of his busy day to chat with me, even while others were waiting to see him, proof of a kind soul. It was fun to share the photo shoot idea with another industry professional who gets it-you know? I am soo excited that Clark's Cove Farm will be hosting the next Maine Seasons Events wedding photo shoot! Enjoy my meager snapshots of what is, undeniably, a magical and extraordinary place...but then again, I do have a weakness for apple orchards... ...and gardens... ...and breathtaking scenery...
...and whimsy and fun...