Monday, March 16, 2009

Sweater # 3 for 2009

"Naturally Nice" it is might not naturally fit it's intended wearer, but I think I can at least give the sweater with a note that it can be exchanged for a sweater that will fit. This baby is not a tiny baby-and the sweater?
Well it came out a bit tiny. I followed all of the directions-maybe it just looks tiny, next to my not-so-tiny toddler. Was my daughter ever this small?!?
I whipped up a little hat to go with the sweater too. This was a late night addition-please excuse the poor photo!

The heathered pinkish lavender reminds me of Easter-I used Lion Brand Wool -Ease yarn-a machine washable mix of wool and acrylic. I don't usually enjoy acrylic, but for a baby, I have found 100% wool to be a bit scratchy and sometimes their sensitive skin can have a reaction to all wool. And in reality, hand washing only? Not realistic for a mama with 2 kids, a dog, a full time job, a husband, and house to care for. So this little set will be delivered for Easter for a friend's babe-I hope it fits!


emilie inc. said...

You are a machine! I'm so impressed!!

Ebeth said...

I LOVE this sweater, Meagan! And the little hat to match! SOOO sweet!!!

I also checked your most recent entry about starting a garden with Ava! It sounds like so much fun!!!!! I think we are NOT going to have a garden for one more year. It is the Farmer's Market for us! We are looking for another home and I don't want to pour too much energy and time into a garden here. The one we had a couple years ago ~ We are letting it go back to lawn :0(

Hope you are having a great week!