Monday, March 16, 2009

Sweater #2 for 2009

If I think about the fact that I made a goal to complete only one knit sweater in 2009, then I feel a little better about the fact that each of the 2 I have made so far (yes, 2!) are just a bit...not quite right.
Here is number 2-Babette in cotton chocolate brown and strawberry pink yarn. I omitted the hood, but made a little collar, added a second color and stripes and learned that I don't enjoy knitting in the round-yeah, not so much. But it fits, well enough. Actually it is good that it is a bit big, as it fits over Ava's clothes so she has been wearing it as a little spring coat on the days that it gets over 4o degrees.
Ava never stops moving until her eyes close for sleep, so getting a good picture of her in this little baby was difficult. The result? I only got a back view...ahhh life with a toddler!
I am off to make a few little hats, I have taken to knitting in the camper at night, in between cutting, electrical and paneling jobs so I can squeeze it all in!


Philigry said...

the sweater looks great! ava is getting so big!

Shannon said...

Great job! And 2 this year already?? I am super-D-duper impressed. Makes me feel like I better get moving. I haven't completed a knit in 2009 yet. I have had the same little jumper on the needles since '08. Slow going! Lovely work!!