Saturday, January 30, 2010

Maine Seasons Events in Seacoast Bride Magazine!

I am so excited to have some of my work published in Seacost Bride has been a long time goal for me and I finally took the time to talk to one of my favorite women and photographers, Sharyn Peavey to demystify how this whole submission/publication thing works...It took some time this past spring to get all of the necesary details together and actually make the submissions at various magazines. Sharyn is a Seacoast Bride darling, they smartly have chosen her inspirational photographic work for their magazine in every issue I have ever read.
This one picture (on top) that Sharyn took of my wedding place card installation made of vintage post cards, clothespinned to twine in a reception tent, checks a big goal off of my life be published in a magazine...Thank you Seacost Bride and thank you Sharyn, here's to many more publications!


Samantha Warren Weddings said...

Well deserved and such a benefit to this magazine to have your creative work in its pages. I am proud to be in there with you! Congratulations! (By the way, you are already well published- I bet you are in many beautiful and much cherished albums.)

Philigry said...

hey you! I am so, so happy for you! what a huge accompolishment. this is so awesome, and so deserved!