Monday, March 15, 2010

Maine Flower Show

We went to the Portland, Maine Flower Show yesterday, despite gale force winds and rain.  We all needed a bit of spring!
One of the first exhibits was of a greenhouse with a cabbage garden, so pretty, I love them just for ornamentation!

This booth also featured a lettuce fence, which is brilliant, I think we will have to try this this year- a great way to dress up a fence and avoid bunnies and other creatures from gorging on your salad greens!  Self watering system of installation, with just gutters is also smart!  Hung on a slight angle so that water runs from the top down to the lower can see the water coming down on the lower right of this picture...
And I have to mention the Hobbit house, a sweet little structure that also made us want to build this in our backyard.  Ava wanted to go "lie down and have a snack inside that little hut", still too little to know about Hobbits!  It was a pretty perfect installation, with little birch logs lining the roof...
Oh the color, what a treat on such a qunitessential Maine gray spring day! 

Lilacs and Maiden Hair ferns and the biggest Columbine flowers I have ever seen...

A stone stool for a little fairy...
And the real reason we went- our friend and stone mason, Matt Carter, of Green Island Stonework did a stone arch installation that we just had to se.  All  hand built with no mortar! 
Of course they won an award, the design and craftmanship was gorgeous. 

Ahh, who wouldn't want one of these perfectly antique looking stone structrues on their property?  There were even inquiries to temporarily install this for a wedding-wouldn't that be perfect!?!
There were waterfalls, tons of spring blooming bulbs,  and the smell of mulch in the air....makes me have the fever to get out there and dig! 

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