Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Creative Women Collaboration

(All photos in this post by the lovely and talented, Brea McDonald) Dear friends of mine, and fellow wedding professionals, Brea McDonald, Dawn Kelly and Meg Simone recently participated in an exciting project for women filmakers recently in the Bahamas.
I am so proud of them, I wanted to share the story and to encourage women everywhere to fulfill our creative selves.
Professional event filmmakers and photographers from across the globe gathered recently on a cruise to the Bahamas for POSH 2010, an educational workshop and retreat for women. Inspired by their shared experiences in their visual industry, the group spontaneously decided to use their creative gifts to craft a short film illustrating the positive power and passion of women in the film industry.
Shot on location at POSH 2010, “Women Create” was directed by Maura Coleman-Murray and Kara Jensen, filmed by Maribeth Ratajczyk and Luiza Perkowska, and edited by Meg Simone. All 42 POSH 2010 attendees collaborated on the piece.

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