Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Earth Dinner at Flanagan's Table

Flanagan's Table hosted the team from Earth restaurant, and we created a Maine woods inspired design that included elements of branches, moss, succulents, fire and water.  Photos by Heidi of Brea McDonald Photography.

We installed lit grapevine orbs over the table in a constellation and piece by piece, created a canopy of foraged tree branches over the orbs.  I wanted it to feel like you were outside, inside.  Chris painstakingly stood on a ladder, installing each branch, while I gave visual direction from below, all told, it took 30 hours of installation and foraging.

Layered terrariums of sand, peat and pebbles held assorted green succulents and floating candles atop ferns with over 100 candles on the table represented the earth with elements of fire, plants and water.  We created a herringbone table runner that represented wood bark, over Flanagan's Table's signature nubby linen runner. 

I love the action shots in the kitchen, as much artistry, passion and skill goes into creating food as it does to create an event design. (if not more!)  I always feel privileged to watch experts in creative fields doing their work.

This tattoo might just be the best I have seen, perfect!

A branchy, woodland, earthy setting for a beautiful dinner.
The next dinner is coming soon, stay tuned!

Photography: Heidi for Brea McDonald Photography
Design and installation: Maine Seasons Events & Maine Seasons Event Rentals
Chef-restaurant: Earth at Hidden Pond

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Egads, this is stunning!