Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The local dump-the best store around

As we prepare for a daughter to soon mobilize, we have had to re-think how our entire house is laid out and scrutinize the placement and function of each piece of furniture. Let me also mention that our house is- well, small. Petite, compact so to speak.

When assessing our bedroom, I accepted the fact that we were long overdue for more storage and with our only closet (yes, only household closet-what can I expect from a 98 year old house?!?) totally filled with my best pals- my clothes, shoes, bags and more shoes, something had to be done.

Out to the garage I went to peruse my stash of cast off items that I haven't been able to resist loading into (or onto) the car from the side of the road, or dragging home when no one else wanted them. There it was- the perfect hutch top, salvaged from the trash from my past life in retail. There was a slight problem though, the door openings were, um, open....no good for hiding clothes, sheets and socks.

I scanned the perimeter of my husbands' scavengings, convinced HE must have the perfect fix. Alas, he is a scavenger as well, both of us competing for the precious commodity of storage space for our treasures. We have an understanding regarding our respective treasure hoardes- that while the other's scavengings may be up for use by the other, to complete, or otherwise enhance a project, it is strictly understood that permission must be granted and a complete design proposal must be submitted prior to simply taking the other's treasures for one's own use.

My husband's favorite "shopping" mall is our local dump-he often "stops by" on the way home from work. Okay-about 4 times a week. Afraid he might miss the golden treasure. People do discard the greatest things-he is right about that, and yes, if you don't go almost everyday, you can't possibly keep up with the metal bin inventory. He has taught himself to weld, and what at first annoyed me with the sound and the smell and the ghastly blue glow, has turned out to be a great skill to suit my repurposing needs as well. "Honey, can you make me a..." "Sure!" We have an understanding you see.

He had brought home a large assortment of gorgeous tin ceiling from his dear friend, the dump metal bin, and while I recognized the value and possibilities of this material at the time it came home, I admit I was scorned about the space- my space, that it took up in the garage. But now, it has made me so happy, as my husband snipped and attached perfect squares of tin ceiling to fill the once empty door openings, and voila! My husband's apparel is no longer welcome in THE closet, for it now has it's own sassy accomodations in the new cupboard. Topped with my antique childhood mirror and it gets along well with the other cast off and homemade furnishings in our room.

This repurposing and a much overdue bed position change has allowed room for one more scavenged cupboard for sheets, blankets and yes, can you believe it-even my beloved down comforter. (We do live in Maine, and the winters are so long and cold-diamonds are not a girls' best friend at this latitude-good 'ole goose down is what keeps a gal warm at night!)

The "It" store for the season: your local dump.

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