Friday, July 18, 2008

Twenty years ago...

In 1988 I attended my first semi-formal dance of my junior high "career". It was the Spring Fling, if memory serves, and I was so in love with my date, the boy up the street who rode his skateboard by my house and whom I wanted to marry.

Yes, marry, at the tender age of 13.

I think I should add here that I still do not consider myself old enough to be able to say I have done anything, or known anyone for a duration of 20 years, I mean is that even possible? How have I gotten old enough to say that?!?

That spring night with my lacy collar over my floral monstrosity of a dress and after a terrible mishap with a French braid that had to be torn out and replaced with oh so fashionable baby's breath (SHUDDER!), corsages were pinned on in the living room, parents took pictures and we were dropped off at the school. A blissful (for me) evening of dancing ensued and ended with the last dance, to- of course, Stairway to Heaven, which all girls patiently wait all night for and most of the boys dread.

Well, feast your eyes, here we were. Yes, he did have skater hair, much to my father's chagrin. Mm-hmm, my hair was colored a lovely Sun-In orange and oh, yes, the curling iron was deployed that evening... Oh yeah, and those are braces on my teeth-anyone want to go back and re-live your adolescence?!?

Fast forward 12 years:
He cut his hair, I learned some hard lessons about hair coloring, my braces came off, and I did marry that boy from up the street.

2008 brings us to our 20th year of adventure together. How did I get so lucky?

And yes, I am still so in love.

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