Saturday, November 15, 2008

Full Speed Ahead...

The past 24 hours have been a steam train full of activity. Along with a (molar) teething one year old-who is, to say the least, grumpy and a bit clingy to her mommy (poor little thing), I have somehow been able to cross a few things off of my holiday to-make list. My giving theme this year is as hand made, recycled and cost free as possible. It has been a fun endeavor. Time, love and determination are the real main ingredients. I never had time for this bliss when I worked for someone else...Since I started my own business and Ava was born, I am so fortunate and grateful to be able to spend time doing what makes me the most happy ever-making things, making weddings and raising my daughter into a kind, compassionate, witty, capable, secure and confident little lady. I owe my husband a big thank you here, for working overtime and for some pretty handsome DNA.
During an afternoon nap (during which I should have been napping too- those new (and hopefully temporary) 2 a.m. wakings for cuddling and nursing are wearing me thin!) the anticipated mushroom crop was sculpted, baked and even painted-I was so excited to finish these, I know they will be lovingly received by their new owners at Christmas. I use Super Sculpey polymer clay for these little beauts, so easy to work with and fun to paint with acrylic craft paint. They fire up in a 275 degree oven for 15 minutes then are ready to be decorated. I bake them with an 18 gauge floral wire in the base so they can later be wired into a wreath, or my personal fave, be "planted" in a houseplant. A batch of ornament fungi have recently been created as well, this time a piece of the same floral wire bent into a hook with needle nose pliers, is inserted in the mushroom cap before baking. Maybe this will get the whole mushroom thing out of my system. But first, I think I have to decorate our Christmas tree with red, turquoise and mushrooms of all crafts-paper, sewn, clay, stay tuned in case I actually keep with this idea until tree time comes! (Though as a woman, I reserve the right to change my mind)
I enjoy painting the mushrooms with a top coat of sparkle glaze, sold with the acrylic paints at craft stores, as a glittery protective coating.
Whilst daydreaming about Amy Butler-her house, her life, her husband, her fabric, her books, her hair cut, her cats... out of production came a few vinyl coated totes made with fabric from my stash and some vintage fabric from the Brimfield Antique Show that I have been saving. This idea is great for vintage fabric that is a bit too special and delicate to use on it's own-iron on vinyl for a tote (or book cover, place mat for outside, baby bib or any other little beauty you can dream up) protects the fabric and adds a bit of extra function I think. You can get the vinyl here. I am yearning for the 20 yard bolt, but I need to get a hold of myself.
After Ava went to bed I made some headway on a scarf for a special friend...I taught myself how to knit tiny little flowers-what fun! (It was actually out of necessity-too far in I realized I had dropped a stitch, and needed something to cover the little hole...ta-dah!! When sewn on, tiny knit flowers do just the thing!)
... And then started sewing a reusable compartment wine bag for another special someone.
I used stash fabric from discontinued furniture upholstery samples that I get from a few great sources at interior design and decorating stores. Delectable chocolate velvet and plum canvas for this red wine lover was just the color palette...It just needs handles now.
A quail rattle stuffling was next, for a friend's baby. I sewed in satin ribbons and a little ric rac loop for hanging from a mobile or clipping on to plastic rings. Ava loved to feel satin ribbons when she was smaller and enjoyed laying under dangling rattler items before she could move about. I hope this little birdie will be loved too, she is even has 2 different sides in a black and white contrast for young eye balls!
A little seal stuffling was next to be born, for another child's gifty- a folky little face and a tuxedo stripe fabric on one side, and a coffee colored chenille on the back. I think he needs something though...Ears? Definition on the tail flippers? He is a bit unrecognizable. He just sort of came out of the sewing machine, before I could even think about my plan of attack...Again, no pattern, just imagination, so sometimes I have to accept a little lopsided whimsy.
Okay, is that enough for today?!? I have to go finish a "marf" I am making, you know -a man scarf!

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Philigry said...

oh my lord woman! I love all of those projects. those mushrooms look so fun to make. I love the chickens with the ribbons too! that is a great idea!