Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bar Harbor Tradition

Every July, we go to one of our favorite places on the planet: Bar Harbor, Maine, or Har Barbor, if you ask Ava. Acadia National Park is quite indisputably, one of the most incredible places to be, smell, walk, hike, bike, swim, laze or craze. We have so many great memories and adventures in our past, being there with my husband's brother and his wife, before they were married, and before we were parents. Times we spent with my husband's whole family there have produced some of the family's most humorous memories, most stressful weekends and interesting excursions. Think hand capturing frogs from an unmentionable water source, your body completely submerged, to win a $50 bet... If Baxter State Park is my family's Eden, then Acadia and Bar Harbor is my husband's family's paradise.
We start with the parade on Saturday morning of 4th of July weekend-this year Ava spent some time on her dad's shoulders to get the best view.
The morning on the Shore Path started out foggy and then burned off into a partially clear and perfect day for being outside.
After lunch, we typically head out to the carriage trails for a long, challenging and scenic bike ride. This year, our ride deserves it's own post, so that will come later...Here is a sneak peek!
After a cookout at the cottage, we head into town to set up blankets on the lawn by the harbor, to watch the fireworks. This year, Uncle Keith went into town early and staked our claim to our usual spot then met us back at the cottage for dinner. I broke down this year and we kept Ava up way, way later than her bed time, and she enjoyed the show. Last year, she was just too tiny for all the noise and commotion...
The hotel where we watch the fireworks is in such an ideal location, over the harbor. The Margaret Todd, a 151 foot, 4 masted schooner is available for excursions into the harbor- so pretty when the sails are open!
I only wish we could have stayed longer this year. We scoped out some suitable areas for the camper and are seriously motivated to finish that thing in order to make a return trip to Acadia this fall...

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