Friday, July 17, 2009

Pillow Sewing Extravaganza

Recently my husband went to New York to visit his grandparents for the weekend...for various overcommitment reasons, Ava and I didn't go along with him. We had a girls' weekend instead. We made home made pizza for dinner, did crafts, put on rubber boots and ran in the puddles-because apparently, it is going to rain just about every day for the rest of the foreseeable future here in Maine.
We also tackled a seemingly insurmountable but necessary task, as we near the finish of the camper interior restoration.
I just got the urge-it was time to make the pillows to go on the couches in the camper. And I got a bit carried away. I thought I would stop at 8, but Ava kept picking out delightful fabric combinations from the stash and I just kept cutting and sewing.
You can only imagine what the house looked like that Sunday, after 48 hours of a toddler having her way around the notions baskets, fabric piles and thread caddy-sometimes life is messy. And the fun she had was far worth the trouble of having to clean up on Sunday night.
I typically fuss about and clean up at the end of every day. Not this weekend. I simply put away the, pins, scissors and such and turned off the kitchen lights when I went to bed. The sewing machine stayed out, the thread and bobbins all over the floor remained and the piles of fabric slept right on the kitchen table. Waiting for us in the morning. We made pillows. All weekend. About 15 of them. Ava helped, stuffing all of the hand made pillow inserts with stuffing. I thought about just sewing the pillows up, but thought better of it with a young family, it is necessary to be able to peel off a pillow cover and put it in the wash.
"More pillows? Oh, oh! More pillows mama!" I hope I never forget the sound of that little voice repeating that sentence over and over!
I have to face the completion of the camper curtains and then the really scary task of making the slip covers for the couch cushions...maybe I will take a little break and knit. Just for a few minutes...

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