Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sneak Peek -Extra Special Coastal Maine Wedding

I think I can only show you the set up of this one...there may be a chance of it being published, and I don't want to ruin it. If this wedding gets selected for publication, then I will yell it from the rooftops and send you links to see the rest, but for now, I can show you the days of set up that were required at this extra special, unique and delightful wedding.
This may shed some light on what goes on behind the scenes at a tented wedding. When you are building the venue from scratch, there are many details and logistical concerns to manage. But of course, with good planning, willing help and a passionate vision and desire, it all can be done expertly.
The main tent going up on Thursday morning.
The house and gardens are a vision in themselves.
The mother of the bride (whom I cried with almost as much as I laughed!) worked so diligently on the preparation for this event, including the designing and caring for the gardens, under atypical weather conditions this summer.
The ceremony weather back up tent going up later Thursday.
The hopeful ceremony location...
Thursday mid morning-my two dearest buddies, Geoff & Ro, from New Orleans, (NOLA if you are in the loop!) who spent the better of 9 hours on a 16 foot ladder with me, installing the lighting in this tent. If only I could have these 2 at all of my tented weddings! We worked for the better of 2 days to get all of the elements set up and installed, including the last minute redesign of the band stage...It takes much more work than most people know, to get from this:
Just to this:
And another wave of labor and energy to get to this:
And that is only about 40% of what needed to be set up!
We had a vision- a big, floaty, illuminated vision....some of these babies were 4 feet in diameter!
But of course, they had to be illuminated, which takes a bit of craft, wit and faith!
Some of the bride's maids and the bride herself enjoyed the perfect Maine weather, in between tasks.
Oh I wish I could share more-keep your fingers crossed!

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Kt said...

wow from what i can see you helped create a beautiful scene for their wedding, hope it gets published!!! you're on the path to greatness already! :)