Monday, May 16, 2011

Fixing the Toilet...In a cashmere sweater And riding a camel

Yep, that is what I did today. I had to fix the toilet flapper flange thingy in the tank and bake a birthday cake and start building a cabinet for the office. All in my favorite black cashmere sweater. Has anyone ever run a circular saw in a cashmere sweater?!? Refreshing- I tell you.
And recently I also rode a camel. With my 3.5 year old daughter. And me at 35 years old. Yep, a camel.
You know, just an average array of happenings in my life. So bizarre that all of this just had to go in one post.
Apparently camels have a fat pad on their humps upon which a human can sit with no disturbance or pain to the camel. Hmm. Yes, I did ask in advance, I certainly didn't want to sit my fat rump on the animal's fat hump and cause him any discomfort.
It turned out just fine, Ava and the rest of the onlooking family members had quite a laugh, and Joshua, the camel was none the worse for giving my daughter and I what might be a once in a lifetime experience.
I firmly believe that the sweater just jazzed up the most basic of daily tasks. Cleaning in high heels is a bit unpractical, even for me, but a cashmere sweater I can do.
I am happy I put on a cashmere sweater today, it gave me extra powers!

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