Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Maine Seasons Events in Maine Home + Design Magazine Feature-Lakeside Magic

Last summer I styled a house for a Maine Home + Design Magazine feature, and it just came out on the May cover-what a treat to see it in print!
This perfect little house was Heaven to be in for the day, the screen porch on the same level as the main floor is one of the many brilliant ideas in this house, of architect Will Winkleman. I could have pulled up a chair and stayed on that porch all evening!
The glass ceilings make you feel like you are in the trees outside, inside, and the whole tree beams and supports are the stuff of woodland fairy homes.
As always, working with photographer, Trent Bell for the day taught me new things about light and perspective, and seeing some of Ava's little accessories in the magazine made me smile, as though she was with me on the shoot that day.
Ava looked at the magazine and said, "Hey, that is my wooden hedgehog in this magazine, how is that even possible!?" I explained again about how I borrow things for photo shoots sometimes and then I always bring them back at the end of the day. "Oh so you just checked out some of my things on a loan, like at the library?" And then she thought for a minute. And then, "Well you better bring them back, or I will charge you a late fee." Classic. At least she understands about borrowing!

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Kate said...

That's right, Ava, charge her a late fee!