Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Maine Seasons Halloween!

Well, another year has passed and our almost Christmas holiday of Old Hallows Eve has come and gone again, for us marking the start of winter here in Maine.
This year I admit I was, well, pressed for time and had to act quickly. I found a plastic disc sled in the garage and thought it just had to become a mushroom cap, with a little red fabric, hot glue and a welding mask head bracket attached...the "stem" is simply a tube of felt, sewn up with arm holes, and some fancy silk ferns attached-easy breezy!
Ava personally submitted her idea for a mummy, she said it had to be a "pretty mummy" not a scary one. Some left over wedding muslin, one set of boys' vanilla colored long johns and some coffee stained gauze, again the hot glue and a vanilla fleece cap, last minute cape to go over the whole ensemble and she was finished. (after we had 5 inches of snow the day before Halloween, an extra layer was necessary!)
Chris barely got out of work in time to walk with us in the annual downtown parade, so he sadly had to break his own rule and default to a previous years' might just become his signature and he can wear it every year. My own father always went as himself every Halloween, even though his birthday falls on that day and we begged him to dress up with us girls....
This was our niece and Ava's new cousin's debut at the Halloween parade and her parents didn't let us down with a custom baby pumpkin coach that the babe rode in, snug as a bug in a rug, being watched over by one of Chris' old creations, known in some circles as, "The Professor". Don't worry, he is a licensed child care provider. She caused quite a sensation with the townsfolk!
After pizza and refreshment, we headed out to do a little trick or treating, Ava and the baby in tow, and headed home to snuggle into bed with our bellies full of candy. Now I have to find a way to dole out the candy in dietary reasonable amounts for the next few weeks....Happy Halloween!

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