Thursday, February 5, 2009

14th Birthday Treats

My friend's daughter just turned 14-ahh, I remember that age with a bittersweet taste...
I whipped up some chocolate cupcakes and a wool felt bird pennant for her room. Not the typical gift for a 14 year old, but this 14 year old lady likes to sew, craft and crochet, so I thought it would be safe.
I borrowed a birch branch from a tree outside to give it strength, by threading the branch through 2 tabs I sewed on the front. The birds are simply adhered with double sided interfacing, with a tiny french knot in embroidery floss, for each bird's eye. A hanger of Kelley green ric rac sewn to the back and voila! Fun and fast. That is my kind of project!
The cupcake frosting needed a little pizazz...I looked in the cupboards, the fridge-it hit me! I added a tablespoon of cranberry juice to the vanilla frosting recipe and the most beauteous, sweet and perfect pink frosting resulted. I am sure those in the know have done this for years, I however have been struggling with gel colorants, never quite succeeding in getting the color pink just right. Thankfully no one has ever asked me to make a wedding cake with pale pink frosting! You can barely tell the color in these pictures-it was after dark when this little photo shoot took place, and we all know the horrors of bad flash photography! With a little birthday wish tied on the top, I sent a glass cake stand with my husband, traipsing across the street in the bitter cold to make the delivery. The card invited her to a cross country ski - out to lunch -afterward girls -only date with my sister this weekend. It should be fun. This time little Ava will be staying home with her Daddy so her Mommy can really feel the wind in her hair!


Ashley said...

Wow, I'd love to eat one of those! Cool gift! Would look great anywhere.

AlewivesGirl said...

What a nice Birthday treat.

I remember 14-ish.

I bet your neighbor will love these.

Philigry said...

oh, that sounds like so much fun. those cupcakes look so yummy.

Ashley said...

Meagan. You rock as a mom! Wow. I agree with you so much. Nursing isn't always easy in our life, but we do the best we can and by not using bottles, taking your baby with you and nursing in public, we can start to shift back to what we were intended for-- mothering, raising a family, meeting our most basics needs. Thanks for the wonderful comment!

I'm still drooling over those cupcakes! Getting ready for my son's first--- cupcakes/ cake... cupcakes or cake...? I know I won't be able to pull off quite the party you did though! :)