Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kimono No-No

I am really trying to stay focused on my goals for 2009. I even checked off "make at least one sweater" in 2 days-about 4 hours of knitting time total. I thought this one would be cute, easy and cozy to go over a long sleeve shirt. And the pattern was free. And I actually had some of this yarn already in my stash. And it didn't quite work.
I left out the ties and added buttons, Ava's one true fastener love.
I mean unless you are a Sherpa in the Peruvian Andes, I am not sure this look will work.
Ava isn't sure either. It is cozy and warm, but too big and the arm holes...I know the pattern is called "Kimono", but the sleeves are a bit bulbous and fluffy, even for a kimono...
I guess I can save it until she graduates from high school. Maybe she will decide to do a year abroad in Peru. I think it should still fit her then.


Gretchen said...

you are hilarious! maybe when she's 3-4 it will make a great midriff sweater. :)

Katie said...

hahahahaha you might want to add comedian to your list of many "hats" you don. i love that you attempted the kimono & def think you should hold onto until Ava is older, along with the adorable pics of her trying to make sense of it, the 2 of you will certainly get a good laugh out of it i bet. once i settle down from moving & thinking about wedding, as i've mentioned i want to try my hand at knitting so you'll prob feel like an expert when you see what im sure will be horrific attempts.
-Kt :)

Philigry said...

i think it looks great. so sweet.

Ebeth said...

I think it turned out Fabulous! I always did like the baggy look! Maybe it will take Ava wearing it to bring that "look" back in! Good job!