Sunday, February 8, 2009

Winter Blues? What Winter Blues?!?

Another Sunday, another trip to my sister's to burn off some calories. This time, while Ava was snug at home with her Daddy-I actually ran in the snowshoes. Jogged. Laughing all the way. Okay, the actual running only lasted for several bursts, but I ran-don't you see?!? Ran-without another human on my hip, on my back, or breast, in my arms, or being pushed, pulled or carried in a device. It has been a long time since I walked alone.
It has been an even longer time since I carried only myself-2 years, as of next week. Long times to carry someone inside and outside of yourself. Though that little someone is never out of my mind or my heart-physically, I felt a bit lighter today.
I invited a special guest-my pal who just had her big #14. She skied like a gazelle, or prong horn, depending on who you ask-and I trudged along in the snowshoes. Bursting along in a run now and again. After what she witnessed today, my pal just might think her "older" friend is a bit off-that it might not be so cool to grow up and be in your thirties. (Am I really in my thirties?!? No longer just 30!?! Yes, I am. I am almost half way into my thirties-staggering, I know.) I hope that at least she saw you can still have fun and play-even when you are "old".
And you can have fun even if you only on the cusp of 30-I'll give my sister her due last 7 months before she enters her 3rd decade. And fun, even when you have recently waved farewell to your thirties-or even if you are 84-in dog years that is.
I am sure my "goggles" choice could totally embarrass my young friend, if anyone at school ever saw these pictures, but you know, I am trying to protect my eye socket area from the aging effects of squinting and the sun-and I think that is pretty cool.
After our invigorating-or exhausting, again, depending on who you ask, we went out to lunch and had a small shopping excursion. We enjoyed a leisurely drive home, talking about deep things-life, values, personality, popularity, success, awareness, independence, sisters, parents, clothes, sugar scrubs, friends and growing up.
It was a nostalgic day- to spend it with someone 58% younger than me. But guess what? I don't feel 58% older than I did when I was 14-I still feel giddy, curious, enthusiastic, hopeful, confused, scared and confident all at the same time. I am happy and grateful to be in my thirties, I don't think I have the patience to be 14 again. Thirty is the new 14 anyway, haven't you heard?
Winter blues? What winter blues?!?

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