Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cute Mushrooms Make Good Neighbors

I have had this thing with mushrooms for the past, oh, 13 months or so. I love the way they look-I don't eat them, just adore them from afar. Baby clothes with mushrooms, deer and owls have been of particular interest to me. I haven't actually worn a mushroom garment myself.
Until now! My good neighbor was crocheting these slippers, to felt and turn into a Christmas gift. They turned out a bit too large and the felted slippers just fit my big wicked step-sister feet, so I became the unintended, fortunate recipient. The slippers were delivered to me with 2 little mushrooms hand embroidered on the toes-my very own mushrooms! So now I am puttering around the house in my oh so cozy wool slippers, full of sheer delight with every glance at my toes. (I mean it,real delight-I actually smile as I put them on!)
And look what I happened upon whilst stacking wood! What a little treat-I don't think I can bear to burn this piece of wood, until after the frost.
Another kindly neighbor/ friend thing to do is share your baking. Look at this beauty-almost too scrumptious looking to eat...
Same talented, creative neighbor, different treat. Yes, she cooks too! Pulla bread-Finnish recipe I believe with cardamon, accompanied by pumpkin butter. Elegant tasting, a bit sweet, a bit savory. We ate it for all 3 meals and even as a late night snack.
This is from the person who introduced me to blogs and made me consider starting one myself. Lately, I've been trying to convince this smart, interesting, witty, design savvy gal to start a blog of her own, to share her creations. No luck so far, but stay tuned to see if I can win her over!
Who wouldn't be simply delighted to slip into a custom pair of felted slippers?!? I mean really. Her crochet hook would be working overtime...

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Nantucket Dreams said...

the slippers are so perfect! i have a thing for mushrooms too...i love to decorate with them! the bread and butter looks so good i want to dive into it! maybe she will give you the recipe to share on your blog if she won't start one herself?