Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fryeburg Fair Adventure

We recently took Ava to the Fryeburg Fair-we usually miss it because we are in Quebec for our anniversary. This year we opted to stay closer to home, what with a mobile baby and all. The cobble stone streets and hilly landscape of Quebec is so endearing to us, but logistically not so compatible with a trying to walk (all the time) baby and a stroller. I don't think either of us is up to carrying around a 22 pound human in a backpack or front pack for 8 hours a day either. (I admire those who hike the Appalachian Trail with babes in tow-I know, it can be done...)
After this outing, when asked what a sheep says, Ava does her best rendition of, "Baaa" which sounds a bit more like "Ahhh" or a coffee maker finishing it's brewing. We of course, think it is just perfect.
Really we knew our little owl would love the livestock at the fair more than the steak and frite in Quebec, so we geared up for a day in western Maine, some old stomping grounds from when we were just the two of us.
Behold! A smorgasbord of delight!
I love the view, the smell of this place-look at their pumpkins! My former visual merchandising self loves the way they are displayed, all stacked by type-I usually don't see them so organized. My crazy self likes boundaries, tidiness, definition-this pumpkin display soothed my soul!
A few sweet goats, all snuggled up-reminds me that we are 3 now too.
This little lonely dollop of a piglet reminded me of how small Ava still is and how big a world this is for her...
And the mama pig with her other babes just nearby, makes me proud of that little pig on it's own. It reminded me that it is really important to strike out on your own, break away from the pack and follow your heart. This pigpen of life is our oyster, we only have to harness the bravery to crack it open to get the treasure.


Nantucket Dreams said...

i am loving those pumpkins!!! they look amazing!

Philigry said...

love these pictures! did you make Ava's hat? so cute.

Jessica said...

The fair looks like an absolutely great time. Your photos are lovely!