Friday, October 17, 2008

Maine Island Wedding-Part One

I did the flowers for a wedding on Peaks Island over Columbus Day weekend-with some of my favorite flowers and colors. It was a Quaker wedding ceremony and the Meeting house needed a few bittersweet wreaths for the doors, tied with grosgrain sage green ribbon. Here they are waiting on my "hand made" wreath holder during assembly. Okay, it was more like, "Where can I possibly put these while I finish the other floral arrangements!?!"My "workshop"-otherwise known as the garage, was a bit full. Well it is always full, I had to carve out a strip of workspace among the zillion other things going on in there...
The groom's boutonniere turned out just right, hypericum berries, a sprig of juniper and seeded eucalyptus. The bride's bouquet was the stunner of all the flowers, and the one thing I didn't get a picture of...perhaps someone else got a good one and will send it along to me?!? It had cockscomb in cranberry color, juniper with blue berries, green and red variegated begonia leaves, red roses, bittersweet, dahlias, mums and seeded eucalyptus, so pretty, textural and unusual. I grew the begonia plants all summer to make sure we would have just the leaves the bride wanted.Ava wasn't too thrilled about the ferry ride to the island on Friday to deliver the flowers, but we made it. It was her first ferry ride, but does it count if you are in the car?!? We had to stay in our car, perhaps she would have rather been out in the salty air...
I was able to cut the quince from my yard and use in the centerpieces, luckily, I was able to cut a lot of things, bittersweet, hydrangeas, rose hips, ornamental grass (thanks to my garden, my neighbor's garden and her assistance on a commando bittersweet run!), crab apple branches, choke berries and apple branches.
The centerpieces were in vintage ironstone soup tureens the bride gathered at flea markets, antique shops and yard sales all summer. They were sumptuous, spriggy, wild and so fun to make.

Once on the tables, under the tent on the island, the flowers really made an impact, I was so pleased with how they came out. Best of all, the bride was elated, and that is always my main goal, to surprise and delight the client. They were just what she wanted, she told me-and a happy bride makes me happy. Each table was named after a different beer that is made by the brewery where the groom is a master brewer-clever!

Ava was a sweet trooper, riding on my back for 5 hours (interrupted by diaper changes, tasty meals and play breaks), squealing with delight and "singing" while I ironed table cloths, set out candles and centerpieces and put favors on tables.

I was a bit unclear on just how I was going to accomplish this delivery and set up day with a baby...It boosts my mama confidence when I figure it out and it goes really well...a little confirmation that I can be my old self and be a mommy too. A very good thing indeed. Did I mention that life is sweet!?!


Meggie said...

OMG, Meagan! Your designs are outstanding! Setting it all up with a baby on your back is miraculous. Being a Maine gal, I'm glad Ava is getting used to ferry rides. Thanks for your kind words about my kitty, Casper. He was a special boy!

Philigry said...

ahh, meg! as always, awesome job. it sounds like ava had a great time too!