Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another Knit for 2009

Among being way too over committed right now and having no significant time to do anything, I manage to somehow still do everything...sound familiar? I know so many of us are in this boat. In my obsessive and likely annoying effort to give my daughter a magical childhood, filled with creativity and hand made things, this little jumper was bound off the needles yesterday.
Despite being a bit frantic, and oh- so busy with a long list of things to do...The yarn came from that stash I built a while back. This may be knit # 5 for 2009, but I am not counting anymore really. (Okay, yes I am, #4 is a red diddy that I am a bit hung up on and have fallen out of love with, but I will forge ahead and finish it, as I am on the last 5 rows...)
I used Cascade 220 light blue yarn and a green wool I had from a previous yarn binge, but we won't talk about that one...the color switch came about because as usual, I got bored while knitting 9 inches of stockinette stitch for the base of the jumper and decided to switch colors. The buttons are pale blue from Joann's.
Then I got bored with the called for Garter stitch and decided to practice a few different stitches on the top: ribbing and seed stitch. The other modification I made was omitting the straps on the front piece, and knitting in button holes on the ends of the straps on the back piece-I am not one for ties on the shoulders. I can't even imagine how often I would be re-tying those in a day...
I promised myself I would take a knitting break and focus only on the camper (yes, the saga continues), but alas, since last night, I am already 5 inches into another baby garment. many cutesies to knit, so little time!


Philigry said...

meg! this is so sweet. i love the little pinny!

Shannon said...

You are a woman after my own heart. My kids have been home sick all week. This morning the girls went to school so I ran home, sewed and worked on a bag I have been crocheting. Can't sit still, nope, can't sit still for a moment. Can you sense the neuroticism?

I love the jumper! Your knitting skills are really coming along. Way to go!!

Nantucket Dreams said...

this is so cute! i love it! ava looks like a living doll! great job mommy!