Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy to Be a Mama

I hope all the mamas out there had a good Mother's day!
My husband made a mother's day brunch for my myself, my mother, my sister and my mom's friend. What a menu! Crepes with Ghiradelli chocolate sauce and strawberries, warm croissants with real butter and raspberry jam-then my fave: Cafe Maison. We always get this when we go to Quebec city; coffee and hot chocolate in a bowl with a scoop of vanilla ice cream-divine! Of course we had Mimosas and I made chocolate turtle brownies for dessert. No dieting at this meal.
My dear friend across the street brought over a sweet flower arrangement from her garden and a card that made me teary eyed.
I set the table with real silver and festooned it with my white milk glass collection, little cups with fresh strawberries and an assortment of my first garden flowers. A scrumptious morning.
I spent the afternoon installing a small garden for a friend who is about to be a mother herself and then came home and got my Mother's day gift: a child without hair in her face. Yep-we finally had to do it: cut Ava's bangs. I had long ago lost the barrette war-she pulled them out and put them in the trash can, so we trimmed her up-she looks like a little girl now, my petite bebe.
Let's just pretend that is mascara under my eyes and not tired puffs!
Happy Mother's day to all-though everyday is really mother's day I think...

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