Friday, May 15, 2009

Wait so Long

We wait so long for spring here. Too long. For the past 2 nights I have been out gardening, until after dark, once in the pouring rain, covered in mud in my trusty rubber boots. All of this just to be out there a bit longer, to smell the sweet, peppery apple blossoms on all of the trees in the backyard. There really should be just a few more hours in each day.
This feels like the first year I have taken real note of them. Despite their being terribly neglected from lack of pruning, I do love these trees. This year I am promising myself to prune them, to save them and restore them to their full glory.
The lilacs and honeysuckle just bloomed too, and ahh-the lily of the valley-I am so lucky to have such sweet smelling plants in my yard.
Spring was worth the wait this year.


Shannon said...

Gorgeous photos! I am with you. Waiting for spring when winter is so very long is excrutiating. But when it does decide to appear, we couldn't be more grateful. That's a good thing.

Philigry said...

oh, i love your lilac's! i have some planted here, but no blooms. i can't wait until they get bigger.

Polish Mom said...

Hello from Poland! Great blog! Wonderful pictures :) Beautiful daughter. I have two kids: Lucy (1 year) and Arthur (two years). Welcome to us:
Best greetings from Europe :)

Nantucket Dreams said...

enjoy! all that waiting makes us appreciate the season that much more i think!