Thursday, May 28, 2009

Puppet Show Tunic

I got this pattern a while back at Alewives Fabric, while on a fabric outing with a friend. We make a special trip to this shop, though it is out of the way-there aren't many places in Maine to get certain fabrics. Sometimes you just have to touch the fabric and go home with it in your bag, you know? Online shopping is great, but real life, in person is better. Perhaps I have an instant gratification issue-what? Me?!?
These patterns come with a little paper doll on the cover- a real one! It has been a long time since I played with a paper doll. I don't know who likes them more, me or my one and half year old daughter.
I started this little tunic for Ava and quickly remembered why I don't love making garments. It is all so precise and measured and technical-it takes too much concentration and patience for me. But I kept at it, until I had to enlist my visiting mother to work on it-in hopes it might be finished before Ava grows out of it.
Alas, she only had time to assist with the collar & placket areas-and now I must face this mountain alone. I have made brides maid's dresses, skirts, and even a coat before, and I always have the same experience. Just because you can do something, doesn't always mean that you should.
I love the chocolate brown polka dot and auqa prints so much that I think I will find the time to complete this-somehow. Wish me luck and patience, I will keep you posted!


Philigry said...

i love that pattern, and your fabric. Maybe if the two of us put our heads together we could do it? I would love to try to help, although you are so much more experience that I am with clothing. let me know if you want me to come over one night after bed time, and we can whip it out.
Also, would love to take some shade plants off your hands. that is so generous of you, i will come over this fall to help.

Nantucket Dreams said...

keep at it! it looks so pretty and i am sure you are doing a great job with it! the internet is an amazing resource for help if you need any!

Shannon said...

Good luck! That pattern looks pretty intense. I am with you, I want to make garments but I lack patience. Total immediate gratification girl here! At least I am not alone:)

I can't wait to see it finished. You go girl!