Friday, November 13, 2009

Is it Too Late to post Halloween!?!

I know, I am running a bit behind, but it is for good reason, really! I have been very occupied with wedding planning for next year, and starting the creation station for this years' holiday make-athon.
Here are some photos, however belated, of my owl on Halloween. That is the pumpkin we planted from seed last February-she is so proud of that giant thing, I can't bear to compost it yet! And yes, I did make the costume, out of found material and buttons from my stash and a $4 furry fabric scrap from Joanne's. With a snap applied by my darling husband, and a little left over elastic from another project, the wing-tail feather-scarf apparatus stayed on perfectly.
She "flew" around all night, saying, "Who? Who cooks for you?" Think we use the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website too much!?! Really, if you are into birds, or learning about them, this is a great web site to see and hear each bird. Especially if you have little ones, who may umm, lack the patience and silence to actually do much bird watching in the wild!
Thank you to my wildlife biologist sister and beloved Auntie for teaching us about the web site!
We walked in our little downtown Halloween parade, both Chris and I in costume too, don't worry friends, we haven't given it up yet! But I do think it is safe to say that my days of wearing leggings are far behind me! I'm a blue jay, couldn't you tell?!?
Hope everyone had a happy Hallowed evening!


Samantha Warren Weddings said...

So adorable! What a fun idea (and far more creative than my preppy costume). Wish we'd had such craft trick-or-treaters!

Philigry said...

you guys look great! i love those costumes, so creative.