Thursday, November 19, 2009

Style Me Pretty Inspiration Challenge!

Style Me Pretty posted the announcement challenge to readers to create a wedding inspiration board to be brought to life by little old me and my style team-what an adventure! The concept is called Inspiration to Reality, the winning inspiration will be chosen tomorrow and I will then have about 72 hours to translate that inspiration into reality, with a photo shoot capturing the real life elements of a wedding. Wow, do I feel the pressure...and this is all happening in the week of Thanksgiving! This photo is not THE board, but A board, created by a stylish reader of the Style Me Pretty blog. Fortunately I have a hand picked team at the ready for this project, here are the talented, creative, wonderous and delightful components of this style team: Brea McDonald- Brea McDonald Photography Sara Fitzgerald O'Brien-Griffin-Vites, custom watercolor stationery Dawn Kelly-Soiree Floral , floral design and creation Meg Simone- Meg Simone videography Oh yeah, and me- design, coordinating, styling and likely prop providing! Two of these fine people are near and dear, two are soon to be-can't wait to meet and work with all of you! Thank you to each of you in advance, for your contribution of talent, time and self-I am so excited to see what we create together.

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Samantha Warren Weddings said...

How exciting! Cannot wait to see your creation. You are in great hands with Meg- she is one of my favorite favorites!