Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ava's Second Photo Shoot

I am so excited for a friend and colleague of mine, Sharyn Peavey to be coming over this Sunday to photograph Ava again! We had fun at Ava's 6 month shoot and the pictures that came out of that several hours are so scrumptious, I couldn't really decide on which to have printed, so I had about 80 4x6 prints made so I could look at all of them. I am hoping to have some sense of control over myself after this photo session, and actually be able to pick one or two photos to enlarge and frame. But in reality, I love Sharyn's eye and the way she captures people and light so much, that I am not sure I can choose just a few shots.
(Photos from Sharyn Peavey Photography web site)
It is fun to have a personal shoot with someone who you usually only work with professionally, for a client's personal event. Our first shoot was a good opportunity for Sharyn and I to talk and be ourselves and get to know each other better. Sharyn being a mommy too, and one who owns her own business, I feel like we have a common thread-it is comforting to spend time with another woman who understands how your shoes feel, and what you tackle everyday, you know!?!
Sharyn makes us feel comfortable, not self conscious, as I usually am in front of the camera. When Sharyn climbed up on my bed in her socks to get some pictures of Ava and I from above, I knew this was a woman of my own heart, so passionate and down to earth at the same time-can't wait for Sunday!


Ashley said...

Oh my! How could you not order a hundred! Perfect.

Philigry said...

The photos are beautiful! can't wait to see more!

Ebeth said...

I love these photos! Looks like Ava has green eyes, too! Beautiful pics!