Friday, January 9, 2009

Polka Pocket Patch

There is this little, sweet yet slightly grown up and sophisticated sweater in Ava's wardrobe that recently succumbed to some, umm...toddler terrorizing. Well, in her defense, there was a loose thread of yarn poking out, how could she resist?
Where there once was a little pocket, there grew a gaping hole because, I, master of all I attempt (ha-ha!), thought I could detach the remainder of the said pocket and sew it back on. Which probably is possible and likely has been done before. My attempt produced a large hole in the actual knitting of the sweater itself and once I patched that up with some unsightly sewing, I realized that the little pocket had outsmarted me.
I turned to a new best friend of mine, double sided interfacing. I stuck a circle patch of this cute little quarter yard I recently acquired, on both the inside and the outside of the sweater. Now I have only to zig zag stitch around the exterior of the patch and Ava will have a custom and more interesting version of her old sweater. I mean does a 14 month old really need to have 2 pockets in which to carry her personal affects!?!
I think not.


Ashley said...

Cute. Good save :)

AlewivesGirl said...

That patch totally MAKES the sweater. Very industrious of you!!!

Philigry said...

oh, so cute. great idea!

Katie said...

aw wicked cute. love the sweater & your fix. I actually think its better that way, not that i know what it looked like before but I'm just assuming :) all your creativeness inspired me and i told Mike i need to start working on some of my crafty ideas, especially so i have some fun skills to fulfill myself & so our future little one will think their mom is cool! have some ideas to redo old tables & make them funky.