Friday, January 16, 2009

A Worthy Wedding Mention-Flowers

I am very excited for a friend and colleague, Emily Carter of Emily Cater Floral Designs. Emily has had two very big events occur in her life recently: she started her own floral design business after over 12 years in the industry and she welcomed her second daughter. I am always inspired when a fellow woman in this industry achieves such great things in her life and her business. What a busy 2008 Emily had-when I spoke with her recently, she was very calm and at ease, which impressed me as I know I would have exuded a bit more frantic energy, had I just wrapped up a busy wedding season, while pregnant, opened the doors of my new business and was weeks away from having a baby!
(All Photos in this post are from Emily Carter Floral Designs web site)
Emily and I have done several weddings together and at each wedding, she was calm, professional, and kept a sense of humor-all critical for service providers in the success of a wedding. Emily's work is beautiful, creative and lush, and I have found that working with her is a treat.
The criteria I use in helping clients choose vendors that will best suit their needs, is strongly influenced by a vendor's capabilities and what they are like to work with. I certainly can't put my reputation on the line by referring someone who is anything but professional, kind, honest, capable, personable and emotionally vested in their work, and the client and I only want my clients to have great experiences with the service providers they choose. I like to think of the wedding team I help to assemble, as a little family, adopted by the client to help them create a meaningful, personal and successful event to celebrate their marriage.
Each client is different and their needs are very unique to them-Emily just gets this. Emily listens to each client and helps educate them on the specifics of the style and types of flowers they tell her they like, so that the design process involves the client. Many times, clients come to a floral meeting with some magazine photos or some color ideas, but aren't yet able to articulate the specifics and aren't sure of what they need until the floral designer helps them through the process.
That process takes a trained eye, an expert knowledge of materials, flowers and their peak seasons, along with open ears that really listen to what the client is saying. Emily has this ability to listen to a client and understand what they need, pairing their input with her professional and artistic abilities, her work exceeds expectations. Clients leave a floral meeting with Emily, excited, empowered and educated about the design and decor that Emily will provide for their weddings.
If you have upcoming floral needs for your wedding I encourage you to contact Emily, she is a dear and kind person with exceptional talent and you will enjoy the process of working with her!

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