Sunday, December 7, 2008

Birch Paper Gift Wrap & Giant Fungi

Okay, so I might have embellished the truth when I said that I put down all of my other projects. Just a bit. Anyone who knows me, has likely come to realize that I never have only one project going at one time. I always have to be totally overwhelmed by my own doing, my own expectations and ideas. Submersed. When will I realize this and embrace it so I can stop being so frantic?!?
So while I was stretching my tendonitis elbow from the green knitting, I whipped up some birch bark (looking) wrapping paper for the holidays. The idea came from the play box I made for Ava's birthday. When my friend saw the box, she mentioned wanting some birch bark wrapping paper. I can't have a friend wanting. So I went to my stash and found a roll of left over white craft paper and some basic black acrylic craft paint to make her some.
I am not sure. The result may be more like a zebra print, but I guess it will just be my interpretation of birch bark. This was an easy project, one that left me enough nap time to make a few giant felt mushroom ornaments. Use and application still to be determined. Husband feels they are "too giant" for the Christmas tree?!?! Giant Smyant I say. Maybe I will applique one of these Giants on Husband's pillowcase this afternoon. Hmmm, that is an idea.
That will teach him to mess with me and my giant mushrooms!

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Meggie said...

Very cute mushroom, Meagan! I'm not very creative but I might consider putting it onto a throw pillow.