Monday, December 29, 2008

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

For Christmas dessert I made a cupcake version of a Partridge in a Pear Tree from this adorable book. All started and was going along just fine, until I placed the pear cupcakes out in the snow, in a plastic container to chill for the night. You know when there is not an inch of space left in the refrigerator, due to all of the other holiday preparations? Yeah, that is where I was. Did I check the weather forecast for Christmas Eve?!? No I did not. It rained and poured and the snowbank that I had stashed the cupcakes in was all but washed away, leaving the tub of pear delicacies on their heads, sideways on the deck. Good times.
I was determined to serve these anyway, after the several hours I had invested in making them. I patched them up and here they are, droopy, sliding and not in the original state they were in before the monsoon. Oh well-they tasted good and I think our family will excuse this one baking disappointment from my kitchen. Just this once.
My husband always puts a little something crazy in my stocking, this year we all got a crazy accessory on Christmas morning. As our family members arrived for the two shifts of Christmas that day, they were greeted at the door by all 3 of us, bespectacled in our holiday finery.
Ava wanted to wear her sunglasses all day and squealed every time she saw her Dad and I wearing ours. I even squealed a bit every time I saw my husband wearing those Elton John style goggles too!
A little sleepy and greatly anticipating her pancake breakfast, Ava's second Christmas started and ended with calm and fun, no tantrums, no meltdowns. A very good Christmas indeed.

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Philigry said...

I like that style on your face!