Friday, December 5, 2008

A Dolly Named Disaster

So I have posted about my "Marf" or man scarf that is actually a turtle neck type scarf, over- the- head -neck -warmer -device. Knit with yarn. Well, in my usual frantic nature, I thought such a device, umm, garment, would be a fitting gift for another person this Christmas, a lady this time. I guess in hindsight I cast on a few too many stitches, in an attempt to make this "Larf" or lady scarf, a bit more substantial, ruffly if you will. I mean really, I think it is time that I only knit according to a pattern, and stop thinking I am the queen knitter and don't even need a pattern... And, no, I am not sure what I was thinking when in an attempt to rein in some of the "rufflyness" about 75% of the way in, I started decreasing with fury. What resulted was a, well, tube? No. A doily? No-a skirt for Ava? No, it only covered the front of her and I am sure I could not replicate this creation for the back. I know, I know, I really need to accept when I have messed up beyond salvation, and just rip out the knitting, but no, I had to bind off and use my 'ole imagination to whip this little disaster into something useful. How else could I account for the several hours of my life I had spent knitting?!? And so, a Dolly named Disaster was born. Little Disaster will be a fun Christmas present for Ava this year, with a sassy, knit dress for twirling. Clearly this little Lady needed a head, so again, with no pattern, but one of pure determination to reach a productive end result, I forged ahead with scraps from the stash. I am off to attempt a head attachment and face embroidery...We will see where this little disaster takes me!


Philigry said...

that is really the perfect dress! i do love it!
next saturday we have plans...frank and i are going shopping, dinner, and a movie I am so excited! is there another day that would work for you guys?

Ashley said...

Great save! Very cute, I'm sure she'll love it.

Ebeth said...

I love seeing all your projects! I especially laugh at the ones that don't turn out just right....those are the BEST! We all have the stories of the ones that don't turn out exactly as planned...

Did you get something from me in the mail? Just makin' sure!

Hope all is well, Meagan!