Friday, December 19, 2008

Daisy Chain Tweed Tote

I can't stand it. I will have to make another for myself after the holidays. What started as a very time restricted gift (I had an hour and a half from first fabric cut to last bow on the wrap!), ended up being one of my favorite gifts this year. I raided my stash for a suitable fabric combination and came out with a gray and black wool tweed, a little pressscious from my friend's stash, and this Amy Butler daisy chain in green, gray and black.
No pattern again, just fast cutting, fusing of interfacing and a lining. I like that the outside is a bit conservative, but the straps and top edge hint at the deliciousness inside. It is on it's way to Vermont as we speak for a special someone. A big, roomy tote to carry a gal's necessities.
Now I am off to the kitchen to make oh, about 300 peanut butter kisses. Good times will be had by all.

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