Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter White-Such a Delight

I have been inspired by my friend's winter white theme lately-and it just snowed here in Maine.These two inspirations gave me the idea to use winter white yarn for another Christmas gift on the list. I used this pattern-but before you look at my result, go see the picture of what is was supposed to look like!
I made my usual uneducated and foolish modifications-ignoring the yarn size and needle size for a yarn I wanted to use from my stash and the only knitting needles available without knitting already on them. I omitted the flower as this recipient isn't the flowery type and time didn't permit me to make a smaller one to customize as I would have liked. I made a covered button with some velvet from my stash for the closure instead. The yarn is Lion Brand Yarn, "Wool Ease Thick & Quick" the color is "Fisherman". This only took me about 4 hours to make and was a fun exercise in a different kind of pattern that looks more complicated than it is. I also learned two new stitches: yo (yarn over) and ssk (slip, slip, knit) fun, fun, fun! This web site helped me get through the new stitches, as it was too late at night to phone a friend for help. Again, my favorite part was the binding off-perhaps because that means I am almost finished with a project?!?
I apologize for the flash photography-it was a late and moonless night when this little sunggly was finished!
Even though I used a recipe for disaster again, I am not unhappy with the result- it is a bit bigger and more snuggly than the pattern, but I think it will work in these frigid (-6 degrees one night last week!) Maine winters.
And the button is simply divine!


Ashley said...

Very nice! I'm a beginning knitter too.

Philigry said...

I love, love this! especially in white. i like it so much better without the flower! don't you love knitty? have you seen the pattern for Surface, by Norah gaughan? I am making that now.

Cyndi's Re-Creations said...

I really like the way this turned out.. like it better chunky, looks like it will be much warmer then the original! What size needles did you use?
isn't it fun to learn new stitches
Great Job