Sunday, August 3, 2008

Just Like That

Just like that, a new human is here. Here, on earth, on the outside. My friend's new daughter arrived on the outside last week. She was a bit large and the doctor thought it best if she come out the emergency exit, as I have come to call it. Yes, a Cesarean, C Section, Cesarean Birth, however you enjoy labeling the method.

When I first learned that my own daughter would be coming through the emergency exit, as nature's exit wasn't going to cooperate-I felt a crush of disappointment. As though I wouldn't get credit, or have really given birth, if the emergency exit was made. Would it hurt? (could it possibly hurt worse than the labor I was in!?!) Would she be okay? I had never had major surgery before. I mean, had anyone read my 7 page detailed birth plan!?! I specifically noted on page 2, item #3 that I did not want a Cesarean birth!! Scary to say the least, but being pregnant was pretty scary for me too.

Alas, I had no choice, it was out the emergency exit or not at all. So into the operating room I was wheeled.
I emerged with a very different attitude about medical miracles, and an appreciation for how lucky we were that the emergency exit is even possible. I also felt pretty good, certainly not in pain. And after a few months of mental closure, I even started to give myself credit for my daughter's birth. As though I had studied and practiced for 9 months and I was sure to get the recognition I deserved. Ha!

I emerged a very different person all together.

When my friend learned that she too, had no viable choice, we discussed the situation. I showed her the video of my experience, she asked questions. "It is best, we are so lucky to have this option", I assured her. (Could these words be coming out of my mouth?!?)
And into the operating room, my friend was wheeled. I worried about her-will she panic? Will they get the anesthesia right? Will the baby be okay? Will my friend recover well? How will she heal with a toddler at home and now a newborn? Then I remembered who I was dealing with here. The girl who has faced (almost) everything and never stumbled. This mama is tough as nails. She can handle it.

And just like that, Aubrey Elizabeth was delivered, through the emergency exit, to the outside.Welcome aboard Aubrey! I love you already, just like that.

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