Monday, August 18, 2008

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today I had one of my most challenging weddings. One of the most beautiful and one of the most "Maine" weddings. It was a rogue day in August when it is actually blustery and cool-the wind didn't die down until evening and the temperatures dropped. At a rural, antique family farmhouse, in the field, the sun shone all day on the nuptials of this couple from New York City and Massachusetts. I worked on this one for 17 months-with the bride, her father and her mother. What an effort... A tireless effort that taught me a lot about business, human nature, patience, diligence and manners. I still have dreams about this wedding... It couldn't have been so perfect without all of the creative, humorous and determined efforts of the other service providers who worked with me. I had the delight to work with photographer Sharyn Peavey, the pictures in this post are 3 of the many gorgeous shots she took that day. Sharyn even saved my then very pregnant self by sharing her Odwalla bar with me at the cocktail hour, a generous gesture that I won't soon forget. Later she shared her pictures for my web site. What a dear woman-and her pictures are simply edible-she has an eye and a way with light that is other- worldly. Not to mention a spunky personality, wit and style-who doesn't love a gal with those characteristics?!? (Sharyn Peavey Photo) Alda Stitch created the ethereal flower arrangements and worked her magic once again to everyone's amazement. (Sharyn Peavey Photo) Yes, those are purple ostrich feathers in the bride's bouquet! Laura Cabot created the delish food and she worked on the details of this one with me to the very end-organizing rentals, discussing logistics, salmon stacks and portable toilets into the wee hours on many a night. I thank the heavens for that woman's sense of humor! Tracy Carson provided musical entertainment, and even sorted through the mother of the bride's many hand written notes that evening, to ensure all the right songs were played. Tracy was so relaxed and at ease-he calmed my nerves even! Judy Emery at Party Fundamentals helped me again and again, when the father of the bride insisted we change the dance floor size. Twice. The morning of the wedding. Judy has the patience of a saint. (Sharyn Peavey Photo) The bride e-mailed me upon return from her honeymoon-to tell me that her wedding day was truly the best day of her life. Even though it was a year ago, I won't likely forget this one. A happy bride, a beautiful wedding, a gorgeous Maine day, a couple starting a new life adventure together, and it was truly the best day of their lives? That is why I love what I do.

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