Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Swiftly Go the Years...

How is it that time can pass so quickly? Since I have become a mother, it seems as though time has accelerated. Didn't I just have this baby? This tiny little feeding and sleeping machine, snuggled against me, unable to move. Unable to laugh yet, and unable to smile even.
Yes, this baby- the one with 5 teeth, the one crawling almost as fast as I can catch her, after the cats, squealing with delight at her own mobility.
This one, who now has an attitude, preferences, opinions. This one with a sense of humor and a distinct personality...
I guess when I look at the calendar it was really almost 10 months ago. But it feels like it has gone too fast. Maybe I didn't soak it up enough in those early weeks, maybe I was too worried if we were doing our best.
Maybe I did relish in the newness of this little person and I just don't remember. I think I was so enchanted that I saved those early baby days in a safe little place inside me, tucked away to bring out much later, to savor when the years have swiftly passed.
Just in case, I better get down on the floor, and give this baby a big hug and kiss right now, and bask in who she is today. Tomorrow will come too soon.

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