Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Knit # 6 for 2009-Debbie Bliss Baby Vest

This little vest pattern comes from Debbie Bliss Essential Baby. I have really wanted to make a little something from this book, and am working on the pinny for Ava, but row after row of seed stitch on size 3 needles was wearing on my patience, so I left that on a holder for a bit and started in on this little vest for a friend's soon to be born son. I used a pale blue Peruvian wool from a local yarn shop-it is much softer when knit. I do not so much enjoy the picking up of stitches once a garment is knit, but this attempt went much better than the attempt on Knit #4, which I still can't bring myself to show publicly! I need to finish weaving in the ends and sew on a button, and it will be wrapped up with the matching hat in a 3-6 month size (hopefully!) for this fall.

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Philigry said...

oh, i love this pattern. i keep telling myself i will make it for somebody someday. yours is so sweet. i know what you mean about picking up stitches. it gets better with pratice, i promise. i always try to pick them up from the row below the first. i think that help with the holes.