Monday, June 1, 2009

First Annual Tea Party with Gran

My step mother surprised us with a sweet treat recently. She made lemon scones, lady and baby sized, and brought over a tea party, complete with real tea pots, teacups and saucers.
The weather was delightful that morning, so we sat outside like proper ladies and took our tea under the umbrella with the apple blossoms and lilacs scenting the air.
Ava took to her little porcelain tea cup instantly, even delicately placing it back on the saucer in between sips of milk and bites of lemon scone. What a sweet tradition that Ava's "Gran" shares with her own daughter, and is now sharing with us.


When will I be Zen said...

Very sweet picture. My daughter loves having tea with her daddy.

Ebeth said...

she's a keeper!!! What a doll!