Saturday, June 6, 2009

Maine Seasons Wedding Photo Shoot

I had the great experience and fortune to collaborate with two very smart, witty, kind and oh so talented women business owners this week. We produced a wedding table design photo shoot inspired by Maine seasons, incorporating flowers and fruit locally available. This shoot captured 2 ideas I have had for a while for a summer and spring wedding table. We will be doing another similar shoot soon. We worked all day, trudging around the yard and the neighbors' yards with chairs, tables, linens and props-it was heaven. After the shoot, we ate lunch outside and had a strategy meeting, discussing our businesses, challenges and successes. This might have been the most important part of the day for me. Being with other young entrepreneurs and artists, supporting each other, listening to frustrations and offering knowledge, experience and advice, without ego, competition or pretense is a vital part of business ownership that I just haven't had enough of. Boy, did I need that positive energy! We will be submitting some of these excellent photos to industry magazines-I really want them to get published, having work published has been on my life list since I first read a magazine as a toddler. Anyone who knows me will attest to my lifelong love of magazines, the glossy pages, the pictures, the information... (all photos in this post by Brea McDonald Photography) Working with Brea McDonald taking incredible photographs that captured the light, mood and ambiance of each of my table designs and Sara Fitzgerald O'Brien, who created custom masterpieces of illustrated watercolor stationery to complete each design was an energizing and uplifting experience. Being with these two power houses of creativity and passion all day reminded me of how grateful I am to be in a web of great, creative professionals. Here is a sneak peek of 2 of the many photographs Brea took-I really haven't seen more than these-I cannot wait to go through each one, once they are ready! Enjoy and do visit these ladies' web sites to learn more about the excellent work they do, spread the word and keep your fingers crossed that the pictures get picked up for publication!


Philigry said...

it looks beautiful! i bet these will be picked up inno time.

Shannon said...

Absolutely breath-taking. What a gorgeous table. I want you to come and set my table:) There is simply nothing like the support of kind, encouraging, knowledgable women. Kudos! Can't wait to see those on the shiny pages of a magazine!