Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A day at a Maine Sheep Farm

One of Ava's favorite books is this one. It has become one of my favorites too, best at bedtime.
We recently visited a local farm to see some baby lambs that had just been born that morning. These Sheep are Katahdin Hair sheep-they don't have wool?!? Being a knitter, I didn't dare to ask what they are bred for, let's not think about it. I like to think that sheep have a luxurious life, grazing in sunny fields, only to receive a welcome hair cut in the fall so us knitters can have our supplies...
We hiked along the field trail, and enjoyed the swooping swallows, just like in the book.
Sometimes I love my husband more from afar. I don't truly see him when he is close up, you know? I am grateful that he is a great father and that he adores our child so much. I am a lucky girl.
"Two little sheep, in grass knee deep, snuggled with their mama, fast asleep..."


Nantucket Dreams said...

i love this post! so simple and perfect

Katie said...

aw you are the cutest family ever! i cant wait to read books to Julian before bed. allows me to relive some of my happy childhood memories by getting some of the old books that are still classics. mike & i are making a book actually for Julian starring this lil stuffed monkey we got him and the adventures he gets into while anxiously waiting for Julian to be born :) our own personal version of Curious George!