Sunday, June 21, 2009

8 Signs of a Toddler in Your House

1. When you open your silverware drawer, this is what you see. Yes, a seal. A plastic toy seal. 2.When you come downstairs in the morning, this is what you almost trip over, on the bottom step. (Maybe you were just too tired to pick them up when you went to bed last night.) 3. When you reach for the refrigerator handle, you catch a glimpse of this: Are you in the right house?!? 4. Most of the framed art work on your walls looks something like this:
And you love it that way. 5. When you attempt to toss a huge armload of dirty clothes into the laundry basket, out of the corner of your puffy eye, you catch sight of this:
A second too late. None of that will harm the washing machine, right?
6. You have just cleaned the entire living room and you turn around to see this on the floor:
And it makes you smile.
7. You attempt to put your "keeper" magazines on the bookshelf, and this greets you:
Not just Gumby waving at you, but board books tucked into your now ripped home and garden magazines. But you don't mind. That much.
8. When you reach into your tote bag, you pull out an Owly.
Whom was missing for a painful 24 hours. You feel relieved and actually excited at the same time.
Happy Father's Day to an incredibly surprising, delightful and curious new father, we love you too much!


Nantucket Dreams said...

what a great post!

Katie said...

I love this & when shown in this creative & funny way, makes me excited for those sweet silly little moments soon to be our life as well :)