Monday, August 31, 2009

Cal & Jack's Open House

I recently spent a humid summer evening assisting with the celebration of a friend and client's open house. This dynamic couple built their "someday" house, before someday came, and I admire them for doing it. For their privacy, I won't show the house, but trust me, it is beautiful!
They invited all of the people who had worked on the house, the architects, the framers, painters, general contractor, electrical and plumbing contractors, as well as many friends, family members and neighbors. What a treat for those who worked on the house in it's various stages of completion, to come back and see it all finished.
I whipped up a few wildflower arrangements from my garden and had to raid my friend's garden (thanks Emily!) as our unwelcome by the neighbors, groundhog has eaten most of my garden's bounty this year.
On the menu for this 3-7 p.m. evening gathering was shrimp cocktail, Jack's famous Lobster Gazpacho (or is it really Cal's?!?), Lobster Dip, a cheese, fruit and cracker display, mini cupcakes and of course, beer and wine in cheery yellow buckets.
The signature cocktail was so popular, I thought it should be shared with the masses. Cal gave me permission to post the Spiked Lemonade recipe, that Coastal Living Magazine staffers um, really enjoyed during a photo shoot at the house recently. Really, don't forget to add the seltzer-it tastes just like lemonade and can be dangerous!
Cal's Seriously Delicious Lemonade:
1 cup citrus Vodka
3/4 cup lemon juice
1/2 cup Grand Mariner
1/2 cup sugar
4 cups seltzer
Mix in pitcher and chill, or serve over ice with slices of lemon for garnish

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Kt said...

ymmmm that "adult" lemonade sounds so delish! now that i can drink again going to def try that one soon while the weather still warrants a refreshing lemonade to cool down with ;)