Saturday, August 15, 2009

First Big Girl Bed

Ahh, yet another reason I love my husband. Look what he sent me via text message from work the other day:
"Go get it!" I insisted.
Our following text conversation went like this:
"They aren't home" I was told.
"Leave your number on their door!" I replied.
"I am not doing that, I will come back by later and ask if they are getting rid of it"
"Is it by the road? Is it by their house, do you think they are getting rid of it?" I wrote.
"Umm, it is by the road sort of."
"How close to the road? Is it like, being put out with the trash close, or we are cleaning out our garage and sorting things close?"
No response.
"Please bring that bed home to me!" I texted him. Who could throw that curved foot board away?!?
That evening my husband came home empty handed. I pushed by him to look on his Jeep to see if he had the bed on the top. Nothing.
"They weren't home" he said, and "glad you are happy to see me too."
Luckily, the next day was my husband's day off and I didn't even have to ask, he offered to drive me the 35 minutes to see if the bed was still there. He got the ratchet straps and we were off. He even went to the door and inquired about the bed and in minutes, was loading it on my car. I jumped out to help, Ava squealing, "Get it Daddy, get it!" from the backseat. That is my child.
I told him how happy I was about this FREE find. He said he could see it on my face.
"I feel like hobos, out here tying other people's trash to our car, obviously delighted." I said.
" I love that you love being a hobo with me." he replied.
When the time comes, Ava will have a new, old big girl bed. For now, she is still happily and inescapably in her crib. I have already primed and painted the bed and the side boards are in production, or at least in the queue. I had some "sugar pink" semi gloss left over from Lowe's and it was just enough to cover the bed. I will post some pictures of it done, maybe this winter when the big girl bed is revealed. Hmmm. Now the new-old big girl bed needs a hand made big girl quilt...


Philigry said...

shut up!
i love it. you are lucky.
i am jealous!

Kt said...

i love you, our hobo friends! i think we might be on the path to being hobos incognito, because we are given alot of stuff lately for free that we needed or wanted but were holding off till we could afford or Mike's dad finds perfectly decent stuff thrown away at the dump, brings home, fixes minor problems and hands off to us or rest of family. so we have brainwashed all our loved ones to do the scouting for us and then we get to enjoy the scavenged goods!! (muuwahhahaha) :) and btw its going to be such a cute bed i can already picture it...