Sunday, August 16, 2009

That Tough Day at Work

Hancock Gourmet Lobster featured the photo shoot I assisted with on their blog! You can read the post here. So cute and well written-and I must admit, I felt a tiny bit special being invited to help style this shoot. Just think of all the hands that catalog will be in, and my hands had a part in some of the images all of those people will see. The world is a small place in that sense, and we are all connected-you just have to look deeply. Thanks Cal, Amber, & Gil, both for a great day and for a great post!


Samantha Warren Weddings said...

How cool is that! Congratulations. I hope you get all the lobster rolls and whoopie pies you want! Feel free to share :)

Amber said...

What fun work can be!!! Isn't it great to love your job. We had a blast as always working with you - we need more excuses to work together.